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Valentine's Day Cupcakes - Classic Rosette Cupcakes

This one isn't entirely groundbreaking, but I couldn't do a Valentine's Cupcake series without taking a quick nod at one of my favorite piped buttercream techniques. And Valentine's Day wouldn't be complete without a little bit of roses. Put them both together, and you have the classic rosette cupcakes! 

I started the cupcakes off with my white cake, and tossed in a handful of Valentine's sprinkles for a bit of funfetti action. Next, tint your buttercream red (I used Americolor gel "tulip" this time). Nothing too crazy, eh?

Next, we use my favorite piping tip: Wilton 1M. Make sure your buttercream is a thick consistency, and then swirl your cupcakes, starting from the middle. To make the little leaf, I used fondant and a Wilton leaf mold. I let them dry for probably 10 minutes, and then they were all good to go! 

ONE more cupcake idea is headed your way. :) xoxo 


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