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Valentine's Day Cupcakes - Heart Inside Cupcakes

Say WHAAAA?? Yep, we've spent the last 5 posts decorating the outsides of the cupcake, and I knew I needed to do an inside surprise cupcake! This one is all dolled up for Valentine's day, and I couldn't have been happier with how fun they turned out!  It's actually easier than you'd think to make this happen. All you need is a small heart cookie cutter, and let's dive right in! 

Valentine's Day Cupcakes - Classic Rosette Cupcakes

This one isn't entirely groundbreaking, but I couldn't do a Valentine's Cupcake series without taking a quick nod at one of my favorite piped buttercream techniques. And Valentine's Day wouldn't be complete without a little bit of roses. Put them both together, and you have the classic rosette cupcakes! 

Valentine's Day Cupcakes - Heart Shaped Cupcakes

Hello friends! I hope my last three Valentine's day cupcake ideas have helped get some cupcake ideas flowing! The next three are some of my favorites, and once again, are all super easy for you, and even you kiddos, to make.  These are my sprinkle heart cupcakes! They are covered in my favorite Neon Yolk Sprinkles, and the cupcakes themselves are shaped like hearts. All you need is ONE small thing to make them shaped like hearts...

Valentine's Day Cupcakes: Heart Top Cupcakes

Whew! Already on cupcake #3 for my mini Valentine's Day cupcake series! The last two can be seen in my previous posts. So far, I feel like they've been so much fun, super gorgeous, but still attainable for the first-time home baker.  This one is no exception! It's probably one of the easiest, and has such a unique look. I love how they look, and most of all - how they tasted with that extra dust of powdered sugar on top. 

Valentine's Day Cupcakes: Love Note Hearts

Here we are with Cupcake #2 of my mini series here on Baking with Blondie about Valentines Day Cupcakes! Customize your cupcake with a simple love note in the shape of a heart. It's super easy to make, and will have your lover's heart a fluttering over the sentiment. 

Valentines Cupcakes - Cursive Love Cupcakes

Hi Friends! I have quite the treat for you! If you follow me on Instagram , you know I've been working a bunch on some Valentines Day cupcakes for an upcoming TV segment. I wanted to not only create cupcakes that would be easy to master the first time, but ones that look  like they took a lot of effort. Catch my drift?