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White and Gold Gingerbread House

It's GINGERBREAD HOUSE time!!! (aka, my favorite family tradition of the season). Every year around the beginning of December, my little family (even before we had kids!) would gather together and make gingerbread houses. We started with graham crackers and a tube of frosting, and have now graduated to using my favorite Wilton Gingerbread House kits. Yes, I know homemade is best, but these houses taste delicious, and hold up perfectly. Plus, they come with some super darling decorations to make my life easier, and more fun, while decorating gingerbread houses with the kiddos! This year, I decided I wanted to do one of my own before going crazy with the kids. I knew I wanted a specific color theme, and to keep things simple, but elegant. Most of my house is decorated in white (heck, even my house exterior is white!), so I knew going with white was a no-brainer for me. Add in a touch of gold, and seriously, such a gorgeous gingerbread house was born!  I wan

Egg Nog Cake with Egg Nog Buttercream

Soft, luxurious egg nog cake layers with just enough warm spices to bring back all the memories of the holidays, adorned with the most gorgeous egg nog buttercream. This cake is for my fellow egg nog lovers everywhere!