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Cherry Almond Cupcakes

Hey friends! I've been trying to post more recipes here and there from my kitchen. Today's version is just in time for National Cherry Dessert Day! Woo hooo!! I know, sounds totally made up... but even if it is, I mean, why the heck not have a delicious cherry cupcake all dolled up for the occasion?  For these, I used my favorite Sweetapolita Sprinkles, and a little bit of edible gold leaf to take them up a notch higher. I completely love how they turned out, and LOVED sharing them with neighbors just for fun. :)  I can't wait for Memorial weekend. We have a fun BBQ planned with family, I have some yard work I can't wait to further dive into, and of course, a few cakes planned (and macarons), that I've been trying my best to keep myself from making early.  Happy Friday, friends! 

Coconut Blackberry Cupcakes

Friends! I break the silence here in blog land with a brand new recipe. I've been on a cake-making hiatus, and it has been the best, really. Making cupcake and cakes has brought me so much joy, and I'm really excited to be sharing recipes with you here and there from my own kitchen.  I know, I usually don't share my cupcake or secret frosting recipes. It's for a personal reason, really. I have dreams for my blog and baking business, and I've been burned SO many times with bigger bloggers stealing my original recipes, putting them in their publishes cookbooks with zero credit to me. I know that sounds petty, but it hurt a lot. It's one thing if it's someone else's recipe, but when it's my own, that I created from scratch in my kitchen, I get a little cranky.  But today, I wanted to share one with you, because I shared them on Studio 5 (KSL) this week, and didn't want to leave you darling friends hanging! So here it is, in it's ful