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Pick Your Prize Giveaweay!!

Happy Monday, everyone! I am SO excited to finally be doing a giveaway on here for you amazing readers! I've teamed with some of my favorite bloggers to give away one seriously amazing prize. If you win, YOU have the choice between a 1. KitchenAid (I use mine in some way almost every. single. day. and it is simply my favorite kitchen tool), 2. an iPad Mini (these are SO awesome!!!) or even $275 cash in your PayPal account (this would ROCK with the holidays coming up so quickly). Any of these are amazing, and the winner is going to have a super-tricky time choosing their own prize! Good luck, everyone! 

Enter the giveaway below, to win. 


  1. I'd choose a KitcheAid; 'twould make my winter bread baking much easier!!

  2. Thanks for doing this giveaway with me Mandy! So fun!

  3. Ahh I would love the KitchenAid mixer!

  4. Since I already have a KitchenAid, I would probably choose the paypal cash

  5. I left a comment on the rafflecopter saying it was a hard decision between the mixer and Mini iPad. It didn't show up here.

    Charlotte Moore


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