Green Pinwheel Sugar Cookies

With St. Patrick's Day right around the corner, I always try my best to take a little extra time to make a special holiday cookie with my son before the holiday begins. Since this holiday is centered around all-things green, I thought it would be fun to take our traditional sugar cookie and put a fun twirly twist on the design. His almost four-year-old mind was completely blown when I started to slice the log into circle cookies, and too see his little face in wonder made all the layering and chilling time worth it! 


Creamy Asparagus Soup

So, since the weather in Utah decided to go all ape crazy on our roadways, I decided it's best for us to just stay inside and stay cozy. I love days like this - thankfully we didn't have anything planned anyways. We just get to watch movies, read books, do puzzles, make a batch of cinnamon rolls, and call it a good old day of relaxation. 

The best thing to do with a day like this is a giant pot of soup simmering away on the stove top. Even though there's snow outside, we still have a little springtime in our hearts, so I decided to make a soup using one of Spring's star ingredients - that beautiful veggie asparagus! 


Sausage and Tortellini Skillet

Happy Monday, everyone! That weekend blew by way too fast - and the funny thing is that I think we mostly just sat around relaxing the whole time. Still, it sped by. It was a good break, though, from our usually jam-packed weekends. I think spending time with my little family is what I'd rather be doing than anything else on the planet, so it was a win-win in my book. 

As the season presses on, mother nature in Utah continues to unleash her wrath of pent-up winter rage upon the valley. We had the most beautiful February I can remember in a long time (hitting the high 60's - unheard of here), and now we're back to the freezing temperatures and snow flurries. It's pretty gross, and makes me wish for that glimpse of Spring we just had again. I mean, I was posting Grilled Ginger Steak Tacos with Pineapple Pico de Gallo, and a couple amazing fresh broccoli salad recipes for crying out loud. I was ready for Spring, people! A silver lining, though, is that with all this dreary weather, I can go back and try all the hearty comfort food recipes I've had my eye on. This one was the first on the list, and I knew looking through the simple list of ingredients, it was going to be a total hit at our house! 


Baked Potatoes with Broccoli Cheese Sauce

Happy Friday, everyone! I know I've recently tried to have a dessert recipe ready to go for you fine people on Fridays, but to be honest, I've had a couple recipe kind of bomb, and decided a bag of chocolate mini eggs was the best way to get through this week instead of stressing about it. Sometimes recipes take time, and I think the two I'm working on still need a little bit of work. Until then, grab yourself a bag of mini eggs this weekend, and thank me later. 

I still, however, didn't want to leave you heading into the weekend without a little something to make your Sunday dinner easy and extra tasty! These baked potatoes smothered in a heavenly cheese sauce with broccoli is the stuff a simple Sunday savory dinner is made of, and thankfully, the prep/cook time is pretty simple. Plus, more broccoli. I told you I was on a broccoli kick lately. 


Fresh Broccoli Salad with Cheddar and Bacon

So there was this time in my life when broccoli was the devil, and I still slept with night light. I couldn't stand broccoli. If my Mom made something with broccoli (especially a casserole), I just hated it. How could one small vegetable look so hideous and infect the flavor of an entire bed of what could have been the best dinner ever? One time she hid it in my favorite au gratin potatoes and I thought I needed to move out at the age of 10. It was an abomination, and I wasn't having any of it for a second. 

I see this behavior already in my almost four-year old son. 

Thankfully, I can look past it, because in my adulthood, I've learned that broccoli is actually really delicious! It's refreshing, almost, to have steamed on a plate with dinner. Or even raw! Don't even get me started on how lovely raw broccoli is! 

I know, I don't even recognize myself anymore when it comes to my likes/dislikes with certain veggies. Which is why, I don't stress the veggie battle with my son right now. He drinks vegetable juice, and I bribe him to take a couple bites of broccoli with the promise of a cookie after dinner, but other than that, I don't push it. Little does he know: he's going to be a broccoli-obsessed buffoon like me someday. 

Let's jump into this broccoli-lover's dream of a salad, shall we?


Grilled Ginger Steak Tacos with Pineapple Pico de Gallo

I know, I know. We're still tailing the end of winter here, and some of you are still a couple feet deep in snow. To you, I send my condolences. Snow and winter are the devil. Thankfully, a couple weeks ago here in Utah, we had a mini winter heat wave, and jumped up to the high 60's and up to even the low 70's one day. It was dreamy. No, it was HEAVENLY, man. Everyone got a little crazy; busting out the flip flops, plenty of shorts, lots of t-shirts were to be seen when I was out and about here in mid-February. 

I joined them. Wholeheartedly. Winter depresses the heck out of me. Being outside in the lovely warm breeze, opening up my windows and heart to it, it's what the good stuff is made of, my friends. One day in that mini-heat wave, I thought it'd be fun to bust out the grill on the balcony. 

And grill I did, folks. My heart was the happiest it's been for a while. The promise of spring and summer were at the forefront, and the smell of juicy meats sizzling away on the grill filled the warm air. Mmmm... to say it was nice would be the understatement of the year. I was in love, and made some killer tacos to share with you today!