Loaded Cornbread

With all the soup flying out of the kitchen this season (sorry if you're sick of my soups already - but we're just getting started!), there's no shortage of wondering what I'm going to serve along with it. When I was growing up, chili and cornbread was a frequent dinner at our house, and I loved soaking up all that juicy hearty broth with a soft slice of crumbly cornbread. It was like peanut butter and jelly, to me; the perfect combo. 

Instead of just baking up a quick box of cornbread in a, well, jiffy (haah), tossing in a handful of goodness was definitely a no-brainer when it came to this loaded cornbread.


Chili Verde Soup

We are serious bread, cracker, and chip-dunkers. 

When there's a steaming bowl of soup on the table, you know darn well there's going to be a pile of one of those three on the table somewhere. I just can't get enough of the way soft bread soaks up the broth, or the way crackers and tortilla chips add the perfect amount of crunchy contrast to each bite. With this soup, especially, I don't think we even had spoons on the table.


Easy Chili Mac and Cheese

We might as well just face it. 

We're soup-addicts. 

Year-round soup addicts. 

I feel a lot less sheepish about sharing whatever soup recipe we've tried and loved during the Fall/Winter weather because, quite frankly, those seasons seems a little more apropos to a steaming hot bowl of soup. Doesn't mean we haven't been sneaking a bowl of soup here and there during Spring/Summer! We just can't get enough! Now we have a huge stockpile of soup recipes that we have tried and adored, and with the weather cooling down to a crisp level, its time to open the flood gates and start cycling them through our menu more often. This one was pretty high on our list, and became a favorite the first time we tried it. 


Breaded Margherita Chicken

If any of you are as naive as I am, I was a little confused when I saw margherita when I spotted this gem. My non-drinking-because-I'm-thoroughly-Mormon self went straight to thinking this was a margarita-infused dish, and thus ending my desire to try it. I mean, unless it was virgin (which I have had, and fell in love with completely). Then I looked through the ingredients, and realized the embarrassing size of my blonde moment (margarita vs margherita), and quickly fell in love with the fresh ingredients this recipe uses. I made it only a couple days later. 

Don't make my same mistake. 

I mean, yikes. 

Good heavens. 

And they pay me to have a food blog. 

At least I can blame it on my Blondie title, eh? 


Garden Tomato & Carrot Soup

A while ago, I posted my cutting board on Instagram with a whole slew of beautiful ingredients straight from our garden (minus the garlic & onions - haven't tried growing them yet). I wish we could eat straight from our garden all year long. There's such a rewarding feeling that comes along with slicing up your very own tomatoes, carrots, and other beautiful vegetables from my own garden, and tossing them into dinner for my family. It's something I dream of throughout the frigid winter months, and promising springtime. Now that's it's Fall, we get to roll in all the bounty our garden has produced! This soup has been made several times, and uses up a ton of fresh tomatoes, basil, and carrots. 


Lofthouse Pumpkin Spice Cookies

I remember when I was a teenager in my parent's house, and my Mom would always (most of the time, anyway) buy those really soft bakery style lofthouse cookies from the bakery at the supermarket on grocery day. They were always perfectly round and were frosted and sprinkled to perfection. They were also the softest cookies I'd ever had, and it was always super tricky to talk myself into only eating one... they were just too good for well, their own good! 

Fast forward a few (ehem) 10-something years, and I still crave those cookies. I never buy them, though, because I seriously can't trust myself with them... 

Unfortunately, if you're familiar with the oven and a recipe, you can easily talk yourself right back into eating them - after you smell them baking in YOUR oven! And transforming them into a Fall celebration by incorporating pumpkin spices, cloves, and 100% pumpkin puree... 

... you have yourself a dang good cookie to stuff your face with share with your friends and family this beautiful Autumn season!