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My Go-To Morning Green Smoothie

I know. I know. The world doesn't need another green smoothie recipe. But let me tell you this - I've tried a bunch of different ones since I started on the craze last December. Some have been super-loaded with all kinds of boosts-of-awesome, health-soaked-super-foods, and pumpin'-and-packin'-all-the-protein-you-can-physically-cram-in-the-blender varieties. They've mostly all been alright; some have been the grainiest glasses of nast I've ever chocked down, and some have been a little too sweet for breakfast. But let me tell you right here, guys, this is my go-to. I crave this glass of green when I wake up every morning, and the ingredients are always the first on my grocery list. I can't go without it. A lot of tweaking has gone into this glass. When I can have the same glass of green nearly three months straight in the morning, and still crave it, you know it's going to be a good one. 

(My obsession with this drink may explain why I was so GOSH DARNED frustrated when my "light board" (super technical photography term) fell over and knocked over my glass of freshly blended green goodness. Instead of panic, I decided to shoot it. My white poster board was already destroyed, might as well make some good from the mess, eh? And I think it turned out quite lovely, actually. There was beauty in that green disaster.)

Anyway, this glass of green wasn't created by me for anything boost-protein-antioxidant-whatever-wise. It was merely created for me to get in more veggies in my day (one of my 2014 New-Years-Resolutions). I wanted to have a veggie with my breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day. Throwing veggies in some eggs was working alright, but I learned that for me it was easier to just throw the greens in a glass. I was so grateful to receive a Ninja blender ( with food processors and serving-size blenders) from my parents-in-law for my birthday last year - it blends the greens and everything so well, it's practically a juicer. Why? It pulverizes everything so finely, it's basically like drinking juice by the time my finger comes off the blend button. 

First, start off with a banana. I wanted something creamy to add thickness to the smoothie/drink. We buy 2 bunches of bananas every single week, 100% of those bananas go into my and Ryan's smoothies every morning (his is more of a post-run protein smoothie). 

Next, I add a handful of spinach into my smoothie. You can try kale, but for this recipe stick with the spinach. Spinach tends to taste a little.... spinach-ey and grainy in a smoothie, so some acidity goes a long way. I've tried lemon, lime, orange, and even grapefruit. Pineapple has by far tasted the best with spinach in a smoothie for me. If pineapple is on sale, I buy a whole pineapple, slice it up, and store it in a ziploc freezer bag for smoothies. If the frozen chunks of pineapple are less expensive, I go with that. Never canned pineapple, though - it just doesn't taste as great as fresh pineapple in smoothies. I used to drink this

I used to use straight up water for the liquid. Juice was too sweet, and milk was too thick. It was then I accidentally bought unsweetened coconut almond milk instead of my usual vanilla almond milk. REVELATION, folks. The coconut milk in this smoothie was a random try, I fell in love, and I've done it ever since. The coconut ties everything together. Toss in a couple ice cubes, and you're set. If you see me in the morning with my green smoothie, 100% guaranteed this is what's in my glass. 

My Go-To Morning Green Smoothie 
makes 1 serving

1 large banana, chopped 
1 heaping handful of fresh spinach leaves
2/3 C frozen pineapple chunks
2 C coconut almond milk 
2-3 ice cubes

1. Place all the ingredients into a single-serving size blender cup, in the order of ingredients listed. Blend until completely smooth. Add more coconut almond milk if you want a thinner consistency. Drink with a thick straw. 


  1. Does your son take any smoothie. My daughter is the luckiest eater ever, but she loves the green smoothie I give her. I add strawberries and grapes, or peaches as well.

  2. Just like you I also tried a bunch of different bunch of different Glowing Green Smoothies. Now I am taking some Green supplements for boosting my stamina. Can you share some green smoothie recipe that my little daughter would like?


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