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Easy Crock Pot Pulled Chicken Sandwiches

As you may have noticed over my past few posts, I am all about the easy dinner recipe. Summer dinners should be quick, delicious, and require little to no prep time. Weekdays I usually have a little more time, so an extra half hour here and there isn't a big deal. But Sunday. Oh Sundays..  Sundays tend to be our busiest days (or at least they feel like they are), and after a long & busy afternoon at church the last thing I want to do the second I walk through the door is make dinner. So Sundays officially became our "Slow Cooker Sundays" last Fall. 

That choice has seriously saved our lives, man. 

Since then, it has been a huge lifesaver for my sanity, as well as the overall "happy" level in our home. We come home, and before we reach the top stair to our apartment, we can smell whatever I took 5 seconds to throw into the crock pot earlier that day. I chop up a few slices of fruit, quickly steam/saute up some veggies, and dinner is served. This Sunday we took this recipe for a test drive, and it was an instant success! 

Normally, I've had pulled pork or even shredded beef, but strangely enough I haven't had BBQ chicken like this before. I must have been living in a closet or something, because this stuff is incredible, and just as easy as those aforementioned. The steps required to make this are kind of hilarious. I mean, stir a bunch of stuff together, pour it over chicken, turn the slow cooker on high, and leave it the heck alone for 4 hours. Done and done. Dinner practically makes itself, and my stress levels have a chance to return back to livable levels again. Double win. The chicken falls apart the second you even look at it, and slathering it all over the soft bread alone will get your mouth watering. The chicken is sweet, but has just enough bite to it from the vinegar in the BBQ sauce. My husband doused his bread with mayo before he ate his, but I think the chicken alone is more than enough to fill the sandwich with flavor. If you've jumped on the Slow Cooker Sunday train, or if you're looking for an easy meal to throw into the crock pot before a pool/busy day, it's right here staring you in the face. A-mazing, I tell you. 

Easy Crock Pot Pulled Chicken Sandwiches
makes 10 servings

3 large boneless skinless chicken breasts, thawed if frozen, sliced into thirds
1 medium bottle Sweet Baby Ray BBQ Sauce 
1 1/2 t dijon mustard
1 1/2 t garlic powder
1/2 C brown sugar
2/3 C water
hoagie rolls for serving

1. Stir together sauce, mustard, garlic powder, and brown sugar in a small bowl with water until thoroughly combined. Place raw sliced chicken in crock pot. Carefully dump sauce mixture over chicken, then place tight-fitting lid on crock pot. Set temperature setting to high for 4 hours, or low for 8 hours. After 4 hours (or 8 on low), turn crock pot off, shred chicken with a fork and serve over hoagie rolls. 
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  1. These are so great, we are all about the slow cooker too and these sound amazing!

  2. Do you know how many ounces the "medium" bottle of Sweet BabyRay's is?

    1. I would say about 12oz BBQ sauce.


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