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Reese's Rice Krispie Treats

I've had dreams about this recipe.

When I was younger, my Dad took frequent trips for his work. (Yes, I get to say my Dad is a rocket scientist because guess what? He IS! Kind of cool of him, eh?) One time, he took my Mom, little brother and I with him to this fantastic city on the East coast. You know, the one with the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, U.S. Capitol Building; just one of my favorite places on the planet these days. We've visited (and even lived there for a summer) since, and I just adore everything about it...

I was in elementary school when we went that first time, so I don't remember any huge specifics from the trip. I do remember that my Mom let my little brother and I pick out some "brand name" cereal that we could eat for breakfast in the hotel room. I picked out some Trix (back when they were shaped like the actual fruits), and he picked out some Reese's Puff cereal. We thought we were in heaven. It was a special treat, and we felt like we were some serious high-rollers with our bowls-full-o'-sugar. 

I also remember my little brother picking out a stuffed little dog names Taffy, and I picked out a little stuffed gorilla named Conga from the Smithsonian National Zoo. I think Ryan (the brother, not the husband), still has his with him (he would just die if he knew I just shared with the internet that he still has a stuffed animal in his almost-mid-twenties. It's okay. He's married to a total rock-star). And my son sleeps with that little gorilla every night. So needless to say, to an elementary-aged little girl, this was a pretty awesome trip. 

With those fond memories still aglow at heart, I saw a box of Reese's Puff Cereal at our weekly trip to the grocery store. My eager son wanted it so badly (he's such a peanut-butter-lover), and I caved. Instead of eating them for breakfast, and having him ask for more food a half-hour later because they weren't filling enough, I decided to make the cereal into some gooey & delicious rice-krispie treats! 

They were AWESOME. It was such a fun twist on the classic Marshmallow Krispie Treats, and with a top layer of mini-chocolate chips, the peanut-butter-chocolate flavor went even further.

The recipe is so simple to make -  this would be perfect to make with your little ones! They would just love it, and you'd definitely be the hero of the day :) Did I mention it's no-bake? No need to flip on that oven. 

Now go get'em! 

Reese's Rice Krispie Treats 
makes one 8x8 pan, about 16 small (thick)servings

4 T salted butter
cooking spray, shortening, or butter (for greasing)
1 large bag of marshmallows (about 8 cups)
6-7 C Reeses Puffs cereal
mini chocolate chips

1. Thoroughly grease an 8x8 glass square dish for thick krispie treats, or a 9x13 for thinner ones. Set aside. 
2. In a very large pot over medium heat, melt the butter, then stir in the marshmallows until melted, about 3 minutes. Remove from heat. Pour in cereal, and fold in gently with a rubber spatula until combined. 
3. Turn into prepared pan and press flat (easiest with a little shortening on your fingers). Immediately top with chocolate chips. 
4. Let cool completely. Slice into squares. Store in an airtight container for best freshness. 

Recipe adapted from: Pioneer Woman's "Marshmallow Crispy Treats" Food Network


  1. These are amazing!!! Seriously can't wait to make these for my boys!


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