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Pink and Gold Ombre Star Tiered Cake, and Pink Ombre Rosette Smash Cake

**Although I made the cake, the photo above is property of Alicia Kinne Photography. Please visit her website for pricing on her incredible photography sessions, and to be inspired by her other beautiful work.**

Today, I thought I'd share something extra special with all of you! My darling niece is turning 1 this month, and her Daddy was able to sneak home from serving in the Army for an early birthday party to celebrate. I felt so blessed to be able to use what newbie skills I have to make the day special in what little way I could. I love my nieces and nephews so much, and making cakes for them is something I will always always say HECK YES to. 

Before the big day, by sister asked me to make a smaller rosette cake for the official "smash cake" for a photo session by Alicia Kinne Photography. I couldn't wait! The cake went quickly, even though I was extra nervous to make it (I mean, it was going to be photographed by an official professional photographer, not just me and my little point-and-shoot in the kitchen. The pressure was crazy!). Everything, as you can see on the look of this sweet little girl's face, went beautifully. She is such a little ginger princess, is such an incredible miracle baby for their family, and I love her so much! 

**Although I made the cake, the photo above is property of Alicia Kinne Photography. Please visit her website for pricing on her incredible photography sessions, and to be inspired by her other beautiful work.**

For the actual party, my sister originally showed me a photo of a three-tiered-practically-a-wedding-cake cake. I laughed. There was no way, man. She's turning 1, and that just seemed a little too cray-cray.

Then again, making cakes is kind of fun :)

I baked the first two tiers, and then called my sister. I told her the dang thing was just begging for another tier. So I made a shorter one on the bottom to extend the ombre look from top to bottom.

The top layer was a smaller 6", 2-layer, simple vanilla frosting, with white chocolate cake, with these awesome edible stars my sister found at Michael's (a craft store).

The next layer was a pedal technique I have come to love so dearly (mostly because you don't have to frost it perfectly underneath for it to still look great after the pedaling on the outside. As you can see, I made a small error - the cardboard under the second tier was showing through. I should have done the pedals when the second tier was already on the bottom tier (instead of doing everything separately as I usually do). I tried to cover it up with a little piping action, but it still bugs me just looking at it. AGH! 

The bottom layer was just a simple wrap around frosting job. I spun the base around on my spinner while I held the frosting knife steady on the outside. It added a bit of a layering look, and I love it! 

Did I mention this thing was HEAVY? I forgot how heavy cakes can get. It was nuts. Driving/delivering it was just as fun, man. 

Here's a quick shot I took at the party - Ashley went all out in the backyard of their home. Everything was totally decked out in gold stars, and that familiar light & dark pink I had been working with for a couple days in frosting. The food was amazing, and little miss did such a great job with all the attention. I loved being able to make a cake for someone in the family - always a treat. literally :) haah. 


  1. You are AMAZING!!! Everything looks perfect as always!

  2. You forgot to mention it was delicious!!

  3. I am may have to start hiring you!

  4. I've never seen such a beautiful cake before:D

  5. WOW!!! Love it!!!!

    Charlotte Moore

  6. Stunning! YOU ARE INSPIRING! I love your cake skills, I have copied them for events of my own and they never fail to impress! Thank you for sharing!


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