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Christmas Tree Cupcakes

So I had this crazy idea to decorate little sugar cones like mini-cakes. You know, with the same rosette and star piping techniques we all know and love...

I started off with regular chocolate cupcakes with brown cupcakes liners. Then I frosted the cones with some homemade vanilla frosting, colored with Kelly Green and a pinch of Royal Blue (to make them less pastel-y and more blue spruce-like).

Needless to say... the results were kind of MY NEW FAVORITE THING! 

I used sprinkles to decorate, because after all, cupcakes aren't very strong against the power of full-sized M&Ms or peppermint swirls. So the sprinkles + frosting combo was just enough weight, and kept the little dainty elegance of the whole cupcake in check. A little powdered sugar was perfect, as well, to look like a little fall of fresh snow on the "leaves".

What you'll need:
Piping Bags & Stars
Chocolate Cupcakes with Brown Liners
Batch of Frosting, and green coloring
Sprinkles & Powdered Sugar

Some of them look a little tricky, but I promise you, if you have a set of small Wilton star tips, and a patient hand, you can get these babies done pretty quickly! 

Today (Friday) I'll be on KSL Studio 5 making these for you in their kitchen! 

Watch it live online here
Watch in on your TV at 1:00pm, Channel 5 

It was such a blast with Brooke, and I'm sure you'll be inspired to whip up a few little trees yourself this holiday season! 


  1. Great segment on Studio5! You did great & these are adorable!

    ~Amber @

  2. These are gorgeous! What a creative idea!

  3. Wow - I had no idea you had so much going on! My hat is off to you, lady! -Allison (currently known as Sister Anderson, teacher to the valiant 9 class!)

  4. Fantastic idea!!! I attempted them myself and my family were so impressed. I posted about my own attempt and made sure to recommend your blog for more inspirational ideas like this.

    Molly x


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