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2013 Top Ten Cookies for this Year's Cookie Exchange Parties

I usually LOATHE the idea of anything Christmas before Thanksgiving (especially Christmas music... stinkin' Kohls almost killed me with it blasting last week). If I start the music before Thanksgiving, I get sick of it pretty fast. Let's face it - Jingle Bell Rock has about a 2-play lifespan. And Silver Bells? After all these years, that poor guy is yet to sing it in tune! And Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree? It's the theme song to my nightmares! 

 There is a special piece of Christmas I celebrate a bit early: the holiday baking. 

I try new recipes all year long in preparation for the holidays. Finding out which cookies are the hit of the year is such a blast, and I love to throw them into the ring each year at a cookie exchange party. To make the stress a little easier on you, I've compiled a list of my favorite cookies I made in 2013. Each will sure to be a hit for the holidays! 

Here we go... 

Happy baking, friends! 



  1. Yum! I wish I were closer so I could partake in your cookies :)

    And by the way, there's your problem with Christmas music: you're not listening to the good stuff. I agree, all those songs that they play on the radio suck. I can only stand to listen to them once or twice. You need REAL Christmas music. The stuff that doesn't get played on the radio, but is wonderful. I'm telling you, if you listened to better stuff you wouldn't loathe Christmas music as much.

  2. This chocolate holiday party looks fabulous. Want to arrange similar party at one of venue New York for my all dear ones. Want to have different and best cookies for the day. Will take ideas from internet to make this party fun with delicious food.


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