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Polka Dot Cake with Fondant Ribbon and Pink Rosette

Last week on Facebook, I posted a little sneak photo of a cake I made last Thursday. This cake was created for a dear friend and someone who has always believed in me and my potential since day 1. In fact, she's the one who tipped KSL in the first place about my blog, and started my whole TV-cooking-segment "career" of 2-4 cooking segment a month (and eventual live cooking segments at huge conventions- news to come!) I'm so grateful for her support, and was so excited to make a cake for her Mom's 80th surprise birthday party. Doesn't mean I wasn't scared to death to make it, but I'd jump to the moon and back for this woman.

The inside was layered with moist white chocolate cake (the recipe was super-awesome, using buttermilk and sour cream), and was filled with my favorite tart & fresh raspberry filling. The outside was frosted in white chocolate buttercream, the base ribbons were created from fondant (I wasn't going to use fondant originally, but last-minute I decided it would look the neatest (versus piping on a ribbon...)). That beautiful lone rosette is from raspberry buttercream (one of my all-time favorites).

When I entered the event with the cake, the room was filled with people who simply adore this family, waiting to surprise this dear woman celebrating her 80th. I knew the cake would be something special, and wished I could have been a fly on the wall for the huge surprise when she walked in!



  1. So the secret is out now that you are IN BUSINESS to make surprise, or even unsuprise moments special???? YES!! And I totally agree with you on this cake - it fit the person's personality perfect. Everyone needs someone to cheer you on and this particular family is a great big cheer fest for so many people. Can't wait for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! (: Great Job

  2. It is a very dainty beautiful cake. Since PINK os my favorite color it sure caught my attention. Soooo, when do we get the BIG news????

    Charlotte Moore

  3. ... and for "the rest of the story" -- Needless to say, the cake (and matching cupcakes, which Mandy topped with the same lovely pink rosettes in raspberry buttercream...) was a HUGE hit. Mom was surprised, overwhelmed - and happy, and Mandy's baked goods made a tasty addition to an already sweet day.
    Thanks, Mandy!

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