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Studio 5 Segment - Brown Butter Salted Caramel Snickerdoodles

 Today I had the fun opportunity to be on TV again (Studio 5!). This time I was able to make cookies - and some of my favorite cookies of all time: Brown Butter Salted Caramel Snickerdoodles.

I've been on the show pretty steady ever since October of last year. It has been a complete blast, and I feel so grateful to be able to cook on TV. I love Studio 5, and fully support what they do - and they are just the kindest people you'll ever meet.

Yes, I still get extremely nervous, and the butterflies in my stomach will never get used to cooking, talking, interacting, and answering with a few cameras pointed towards the kitchen. I still can't even settle on a dang shirt to wear the morning of the show! This time I stopped by DownEast at the Gateway on my way to the studio. Talk about indecisive, man.

All I can say is THANK HEAVENS for my sister-in-law, Katie (my little brother Ryan's wife). She is a godsend, and saved me yesterday. I had to get groceries with the crazy Manchild, and had a million things I needed to get ready for the show today. She watched Jake at the store with me, and did all the cookie prep with me until late yesterday evening. She is amazing.

Huge thanks to Studio 5 for having me on the show, again! See you all again on July 9th for another summertime dessert recipe :)

Here's the video of the segment. 


  1. yer momma is so proud. xoxox exceptional yum. and I agree - Katie is 100% amazingly loved and appreciated.

  2. You did a good job. Too bad you forgot to mention whose recipe this is. Give credit when due and all that.

    1. The recipe listed on the Studio 5 website, as well as the recipe on my website for these cookies, are both cited to Two Peas and Their Pod. If you followed through before pointing fingers, and clicked on the link attached, you would have realized this.

    2. Also, as much as I love Two Peas & Their Pod, they actually adapted the recipe from somewhere else as well (same as what I did). They adapted their recipe from Ambitious Kitchen. And they probably adapted it from somewhere else. So no, it's not theirs, it's not mine either. But the good thing here is that we've all cited where we found the recipe.


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