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Mustache Cake Tutorial

After sharing this tutorial earlier on Love Stitched, I couldn't wait to share it on here! 

The mustache craze is all over the place. I think it started out on the sidelines in photo booth here and there, and then it bled into the rest of the party. So it's wasn't too long until mustaches became the main theme of birthday gatherings - "Mustache Bashes," if you will. 

At first I thought it was a little strange - my husband grew a gnarly mustache once when I was away in South Korea & Japan for a month one summer, and I came back completely surprised. Needless to say, I made him shave it off before I kissed him. It was far too itchy, and made him look kind of creepy... 

I much prefer mustaches in cake from - layered with moist yellow cake and my favorite cocoa buttercream on the planet. So when my friend asked me to make this cake for her husband's 30th birthday, a.k.a the Mustache Bash, I couldn't resist. 

It was extremely simple to shape. I baked 2 cake rounds filled to the brim with batter (two layers tall for each pan - taller than you're typical 9 incher). After they cooled, I leveled off the tops of each layer, then carved a yin-yang swirl into the rounds. Then, I flipped one half of them over, and stacked them up - meeting the round ends together in the middle. 

After crumb coating the heck outta this thing, I let it chill in the fridge for a couple hours. Next, I added another layer of frosting - this time using dark cocoa powder instead of plain cocoa. I wanted it to have a little more chocolate depth, and I think this really helped. 

The base is just made from a cardboard box covered in white paper - before frosting the cake, I laid down some plastic wrap on the bare edge underneath the cake. That way the base would be clean, and I didn't have to worry if some frosting jumped onto the white. 

Anyone can do this cake, and it turned out to be such hit! Enjoy! 


  1. Could you set this cake up so the mustache is not lying down but upright the way it would be on someone's face? If that makes sense or would it just fall apart?


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