Southwestern Chopped Salad inside Homemade Tortilla Bowls

A couple weeks ago, I made these little lovelies on Studio 5. The producer wanted basically a lovechild between my homemade tortilla bowls, and my southwestern chicken chopped salad. I think they turned out just lovely together! 

Instead of going with the usual flour tortilla, I chose to make things even more colorful by using the garden spinach tortillas (which my son devours - that counts as a vegetable, right?), whole grain tortillas, and tomato basil tortillas. 

Everyone in the studio that day was so welcoming and friendly (as usual), and I loved how 4-5 people (including Brooke) whipped out their phones to share the dish immediately with Instagram. 

For the complete video of the segment, click here. 

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  1. It's what's for dinner next Friday... come hungry! LOVED the Studio 5 segment - way to go!!!!


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