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Peanut Butter Granola Wrap with Strawberry and Banana

What a rainy morning we've woken up to here in the valley.

Whenever I see the rain in Spring, I can't help but hear my mother's voice saying:

April Showers Bring May Flowers. 

When Ryan and I pulled our little boy on a short wagon ride yesterday, I couldn't help but admire the adorable houses in the neighborhood. They're all very unique, but almost all of them had flowerbeds adorned with little to many beautiful Spring flowers. My current favorites are the tulips (mostly the white or purple ones). But the Spring flowers I remember most from my childhood are what I called the "Barbie grapes" (muscari bulbs/grape hyacinths). I would snip a few of the flowers off from my Mom's flowerbed (again, I was a rotten child sometimes), and put them on a plate for my little plastic fashionistas. Ken always had more than his fair share, that's for sure.

As we walked slowly back to our home, we talked about planting bulbs someday in the flowerbeds of our very own home. We're still not quite sure when that will happen, but we love to dream about things like that in every detail together.

- - - 

This wrap makes a really wonderful breakfast-type meal, or even would do for lunch with a side of veggies, but it quite honestly tastes more like a sweet dessert.

Normally I use whole grain tortillas for my wraps, but once again, we used them up making quesadillas, so we snuck some of Ryan's flour tortillas. Maybe using the whole grain would cut better through the sweetness?

The different textures are perfectly proportioned so you get a little juicy, little crunch, little soft, and a little creamy taste in each bite. This wrap will surprisingly fill you right up - the recipe below is for one serving, but even a half a wrap would do alright. I think you could even try this wrap with unsalted sliced almonds is you have those lying around instead - anything with a little crunch would work perfectly.

I originally made this wrap for my little guy, and sliced the wrap up every half inch so it looked like a cute breakfast sushi on his plate, but he opted for his usual oatmeal. I didn't mind - I certainly didn't let it go to waste :)


Peanut Butter & Granola Wrap with Strawberry and Banana

1 large tortilla, white flour or wheat (I usually use wheat, but we only had Ryan's white left)
1/4 C fresh strawberries, sliced into small pieces
1/4 C sliced bananas
2 T granola
1 T all-natural peanut butter
1 T sugar-free strawberry jam (optional)

1. Prepare fresh fruit.
2. Heat tortilla in microwave for 10-15 seconds. Spread on Peanut Butter and Jam.
3. Scatter fresh strawberries, bananas, and granola over tortilla.
4. Wrap tortilla, tucking in the ends. Slice in half. Enjoy

Source: BwB original


  1. Little Purple Pansies...... would LOVE this recipe... and you. Dang flower killer! :)

    1. I was the worst! Spring flowers are so beautiful, I just wanted to pick them all and take them everywhere I went! (Still do.)

  2. Wow! Breakfast in a wrap, I've never seen that before! Looks delicious & healthy!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a fab Tuesday Hun xoxo

    1. Breakfast wraps are such a great on-the-go meal - normally they include your typical breakfast foods (egg, bacon, sausage, cheese) etc. I guess you could call that a breakfast burrito, but calling it a "Wrap" sounds so much healthier, right? haha! This definitely is a healthier version of a breakfast wrap, I think.

  3. My sisters and I would use the pollen cones from pine trees as corn for the toy horses we played with. Do the pine trees here have pollen cones that look like corn on the cob?

    1. Katie, that's awesome! You never really forget the little things like that from your childhood - and they become even more real when you see your little guy doing the same thing! I'm not sure if the pine trees have the same pollen cones - we only have maples around us - but there's gotta be a few of them here in the neighborhood.

  4. I'm heading to the store tonight so I can make this for lunch the rest of the week, so yum! :-)


    1. Thanks so much Mia! You are so darling - and you will love the wrap. It's addicting, I tell you. I snuck over to your blog, and I LOVE it. I wish I could piece together clothes as well as you do. So so cute!!


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