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Studio 5 Chicken Pesto Sandwich Segment

Can I just say how amazing Studio 5 is? They're show is wonderful, their content is always applicable, and the hosts are adorable. Let me let you in a little secret (not the most surprising secret, either) - everyone at the studio is absolutely polite and genuinely kind to me off-camera as well. Brooke complimented my sandwich, and Darren showed me how he managed to look a little taller (I was wearing heels, and he has special shoes). They're super-classy, and I love, love, LOVE being on the show. 
 Today I was asked to make my take on Cafe Zupas Chicken Pesto Sandwich/Panini. It's is my most favorite sandwich at Zupas, and I was thrilled to be preparing my version on TV - so much fun! Huge thanks again, Studio 5, for having me on the show today.
For the Chicken Pesto Panini/Sandwich Recipe, click here.

For the video of my cooking segment today, click here.


  1. Believe me Mandy - I think they love having you there too! Really yummy sammie too. Way to go - can't wait for the next adventure.

  2. These look delicous!! Where can I find basil paste in the grocery store?

    1. Thank you! Great question - you can find the basil paste right in the produce section (usually in the "cooled" portion next to the sprouts/whole-herbs). They also have other fresh herbs in tubes as well - like cilantro, ginger, parsley, red pepper, etc. I love how long they last, and still have that fresh flavor.

  3. Saw you on Studio 5 and I love your blog! Ok so dumb question, I need to make the pesto for this sandwich, but I can't find the recipe for how to make it with the basil paste. How much paste do I use in place of the 1 cup fresh basil?

    1. No worries, Amber :) Just use about 3-5 T of the basil paste and you should be fine. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I'll try to add that info to the recipe (thanks!)


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