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picture captured by the beautiful Natalie at Life {Made} Simple
If you're a Facebook fan of Baking with Blondie, or have some connection to me in real life, you may have noticed a bit of delightful ruckus after my interview on KSL TV. Upon returning home from downtown Salt Lake City later that afternoon, I was pleasantly surprised with the after-effect! I had no idea more than maybe a few people would hang around to the end of the 12:00 news hour to check out the interview. I was secretly hoping everyone forgot... that way if I completely botched it, no one would see it happen LIVE (an prayed people wouldn't find the online video afterwards to transform it into those YouTube laughing stocks or Bad Lip Reading sessions). I haven't been that nervous in a very long time, and wasn't anxious to re-watch any huge mistakes.

Let me explain - I graduated from college in Music Performance. As in often being under loads of pressure in front of a lot of people doing something I had prepared/practiced for hours and hours. So when I'm thrown in front of a LIVE camera on TV without a script or any idea as to what the questions will be (other than "we're going to ask you about your blog" - shouldn't be that hard, right?), and no musical instrument to cling to while absolute fright flooded my bloodstream, I was scared to death.



But very scared.

Ryan researched previous KSL Browser 5.0 Blogger of the Week interviews and came up with a list of questions to ask during our mock interviews the night before. He started the sound recorder (I  decided re-watching my gnarly-hair-no-makeup-pj interview on his laptop camera would destroy whatever confidence I thought I had left) on his computer, and asked me question after question about my blog. If I messed up, we started the recording all over again. At the time I thought it was pretty silly, but played along. After listening back to the recordings, I realized how much it was helping me, and agreed to more interview practice. My nervousness grew into anxiousness.

I still had no idea what to wear. 

The morning came, and I dropped off our little guy at my Mom's and Ryan off at his lawyer networking lunch thing downtown. I headed down the street to KSL - sweating buckets the entire time. The building was gorgeous, and the waiting room had a giant flat screen. Every time the door opened to the different newsrooms, my heart jumped. About a minute before my interview, Scott Haws flew through the door and lead me to where we'd have the interview. I was starstruck while passing some familiar news-hour faces and backgrounds I had seen on TV several times before.  I saw Grant walking around in his sneakers (why did I stress so much about what shoes to wear?) It was really awesome to be in such a place, to say the least.

All the sudden, they said we had about 30 seconds. They had me pull the mini mic up my shirt and clip it next to my favorite bubble necklace (a friend pointed out yesterday that the yellow bubble necklace is my Baking with Blondie signature - hadn't pieced that one together, but I like it!). They then had me stand next to Scott in the middle of a room full of computers.  He was trying to make sure he had my last name right while one of the cameramen told the others to 'give me the box'.

Apparently 5 feet 5 1/2 inches isn't tall enough, so they gave me a big box to stand on. I felt mighty tall next to Scott on that box! He made a comment or two before about how I'm going to have to convince my family and friends that he really is much taller than I am. Within a second, the camera's started rolling...

I have no idea how these guys can be so comfortable and piece words together into complete sentences in front of the camera. I do not have any of these skills - I felt my face turning red, and was shaking like a leaf the entire time. I think at one point I realized my hands were flying around like an Italian, so I held them together. I also wasn't allowed to look at the camera, so I felt strange staring at Scott (or in the distance) during the interview. All the sudden, the interview came to an end.

It went by really fast! And although I've gone over the video countless of times analyzing and criticizing my hair/answers/facial expressions... I shyly feel happy with the results.

Big thanks goes out to Tish Rowley for nominating me!  And a huge thanks to KSL TV for all their kindness and willingness to give my blog some serious love on their show yesterday :)

If you haven't been able to catch the video yet, it's online here.


Now back to the food! New recipes will be up the rest of this week, as usual :)


  1. You looked great. What an awesome experience for you. It was so much fun to watch! Congratulations :)


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