Seasonally Splendid Cooking

I usually serve seasonal food when it comes to fruit - and want to be much better with seasonal veggies. I think I'm pretty good around harvest season. Fall is easy in our household - the beautiful veggies from my grandpa's garden makes it hard not to. I think the other season's aren't as strong in my kitchen. This year I'm trying my best to change that part of my cooking.

I know this list above isn't complete, but it's definitely a good start on what to follow. Ingredients, such as these, taste a million times better when they're in season! So it might be worth the time to take a quick look over this list before making that shopping list, eh?

I think we're doing pretty well so far. Last week we used green onions, lemons, lettuce, maple syrup, mushrooms, spinach, strawberries and a bit of parsley throughout the week in our meals. I'm going to try a little harder, and see if we can branch out next week into some other ingredient choices of this beautiful Spring season.

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