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Valentine's Day Cupcakes - Heart Shaped Cupcakes

Hello friends! I hope my last three Valentine's day cupcake ideas have helped get some cupcake ideas flowing! The next three are some of my favorites, and once again, are all super easy for you, and even you kiddos, to make. 

These are my sprinkle heart cupcakes! They are covered in my favorite Neon Yolk Sprinkles, and the cupcakes themselves are shaped like hearts. All you need is ONE small thing to make them shaped like hearts...

A marble. 


That's it! 

When you line your cupcake pans with your cupcake liners, place a marble on one side of the outside of the liners. Fill the cupcake liners with your cake batter, bake them as usual, and you officially have cupcakes shaped like hearts! 

Instead of using gobs of buttercream (don't get me wrong, buttercream is my jam!), I dunked each cupcake in white chocolate ganache, then immediately in a bowl of sprinkles. I let them dry for about 20 minutes. They turned out to be so. stinking. cute! 

Can't wait to see your Valentine's Day Cupcakes! I have to more to share this week. Can't wait for you to see!



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