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Breakfast Toast Week: Nutella Orange Toast with Pecans

Okay, friends, here we are on Day 3 of my breakfast toast series, and I've already had more than several of you tell me you've run to your kitchens and tried the toasts. YOU ROCK! This makes me super happy! It just goes to show how super easy these are, and how gosh darned tasty they are, too. 

Today? This one is a little different than your average breakfast toast, and might be more on the sweeter side of the breakfast toast line, so this one is more of a "snack sparingly" kind of toast. 

But don't you dare run away because I said sparingly, or sweet! This is Baking with Blondie, for heaven's sake - we LOVE sugar around these parts. Just a bit more on the "not-so-often" side right now. THIS toast, however, is worth it. I mean one word can make me come running... 

and that word is 


I think Nutella gets a bad rep sometimes. Sure, yes, there's a lot of sugar and fat. But hey - Nutella is also THE GREATEST TASTING SPREAD IN THE WORLD. 

Also, it has protein, iron, calcium, fiber, and has been known to decrease cholesterol levels. Yep. Okay, enough with the commercial. I just wanted people to put away the pitchforks when I've said that all these toasts are 100% healthy. I get it. This one's not. Nutella in my book, if it gets my kids to eat a whole wheat slice of toast in the morning, might be worth it, man. 

But look at it.. 

Orange and chocolate were made for each other. Those chocolate oranges you can get at Christmas time? Mine was gone in less than a day. YIKES, haha. I love them, and this toast echoes those luxurious winter flavors. 

Oranges are OUT OF THIS WORLD right now. They are cheap, they are juicy, and man do they make this toast go from amazing to holy-crap-where-have-you-been-all-my-life. The juicy orange blends in with the hazelnut spread so beautifully, and the bed of whole wheat toast soaks it all in like there's no tomorrow. 

Top it off with some dark chocolate shavings (because I've been told dark chocolate is always allowed), and some fresh nuts for a texture crunch and you are out the door with a smile on your face. 

Just make sure to wipe the hazelnut spread off your chin. 😏

Nutella Orange Toast with Pecans

whole wheat toast
hazelnut spread
orange slices, skin removed
chopped pecans or any other nuts

Toast the toast. Spread with hazelnut spread, top with oranges and pecans. Enjoy! 


  1. WOW this sounds like a lovely combo for toast! You do toast well ;)

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