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Breakfast Toast Week: Berry Almond with Mint


Happy first week of the brand new year, friends! 

I know there are many of us who love to make new-year resolutions - heck, I'm one of them! I love how fresh and new the year feels right at the beginning, and my favorite thing to do is to take a minute, give myself an evaluation, and set a few goals for myself and my family. 

I know it's super common for us to make resolutions based on our eating habits. Especially after the holiday season, and after all those delicious candy and treats! I know I've set a goat to eat a little less sugar each day (one day at a time, haha). Soooo, it all starts with our breakfast, the first meal of the day! And definitely the most important. 

I'm usually a die-hard green smoothie gal (especially after a morning run), and will continue to be. But sometimes I need a little between-breakfast-and-lunch snack. Enter the breakfast toast situation. 😉

I love switching it up, and so this week I'll share a few of my favorite breakfast toast recipes with you. They're SUPER simple, I'll admit it, but each are still as mouthwatering as the last! So stick with me this week as I share my favorites, and I'd love to hear which one comes out on your favorite list, too! 


Berry Almond Toast! 

Berries aren't quite in season, I get it, but dang are they great as a breakfast food! And they make quite the toast topper. I love using them because using straight up berries is a lot healthier than jams or jellies that would add extra sugar to your spread. 

Next, you can either use greek yogurt with honey (kind of weird, but whatever), or use some cream cheese spread. You can go fat free if you'd like, but a little bit goes a long way, so go easy. 

Next, is something simple, but quite lovely - the toasted almonds. You can toast up a bunch and then save them in a ziploc bag in the fridge (nuts have oil, so they'll spoil in the pantry and lose some of their nuttiness, so keep them cold!). 

Lastly, top it off with some fresh mint. Mint and berries are made for each other. Match made in heaven, really. So keep some fresh mint in the fridge, and use it throughout the week on this toast, or in some fresh water and leftover berries for some flavored water goodness, (keeping with the healthy theme, here, haha). 

Enjoy! And I'll see you tomorrow :) 

Berry Almond Toast with Mint 

honey whole wheat toast
greek yogurt with honey or fat free cream cheese
fresh berries 
toasted almonds
fresh mint leaves

1. Toast the toast, slather with spread, and top with fresh berries, toasted almonds, and mint. Enjoy! 

 **Make sure to tune into each day this week for a brand new breakfast toast recipe!**


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