Turkey Pesto Panini

On Monday, I'll be sharing my favorite soups this year (because heaven knows, I've made more than my fair share this season!) But what's a good soup without a little something to dunk in it? This panini always comes to mind.

Recently I've fallen in love with red cabbage. Alone, it really has nothing to write home about. Steamed and sloppy? Still not my favorite. But put those beautiful purple ripples in a sandwich or taco? SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, people. It has the same crunch as lettuce, but adds a little more than what you'd expect.

We made these paninis right after Thanksgiving. We had Thanksgiving dinner at my parents-in-law's home, but I tried to not leave without swiping a little tupperware-full of turkey. Now, I know we're mostly Ham-or-whatever people around Christmas, but if you have some turkey lying around - Make. This. Panini.

The pesto, the turkey, the avocado, the EVERYTHING. It's just insane. The only think I would have changed is the tomatoes. We only had a few fat cherry tomatoes, and I think the panini process would have gone a lot smoother with a roma or steak tomato. I mean, they're flatter. But was I about to go to the store to buy more tomatoes? Nope. Smoke 'em if you've got 'em. Right?


Turkey Pesto Panini 

1 T olive oil
1 loaf french bread or hoagie rolls
1/2 C pesto, homemade or storebought
4-8 mozzarella slices
2 C chopped turkey
sliced tomatoes, seasoned with salt and pepper
avocado, sliced and smashed
red cabbage, chopped
iceberg lettuce, chopped
ciabatta bread + butter for prepping

1. We don't have a panini press, so we use a grill pan and a soup pot! If you have one, by all means, use the heck out of it.
2. Butter your bread on the outsides, and then load up your ciabatta with whatever fillings you desire. Make sure to spread the pesto and avocado directly on the bread, then layer the cheeses, meats, veggies, etc.
3. Place on heated grill pan and press with pot until heated through and mozzarella has melted.
4. Dunk in your favorite soup.

recipe source: baking with blondie

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