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Kitchen Tip of the Week: Spicy Shelf

Spice shelves. 

They can get annoying pretty quickly. 

Yes, there are those neat little spinning spice racks you can find, and those keep things pretty organized, but there's always a spice or two (or twenty) that are never really included in those sets. So you eventually end up with a few floaters, keeping them in line is nearly impossible, and you end up having to pine through them all to find that one small spice you're searching for at dinnertime.

So with our recent move, and finding myself in the usual 'spice cabinet' predicament while unpacking the kitchen, I have found the perfect solution. And I've decided to make it my kitchen tip of the week:

Tip: The Spicy Shelf is a genius way to keep your spices organized. You can see all your spices at once, and there's still plenty of room to store everything else. 

I used the baltic birch wood shelf for my new spice cabinet and it was easy enough to assemble. There's also a really handy white version that requires almost no installation.   

It's actually not just for your spices, you can use it for your medicine cabinet, or craft closet. It's completely adjustable, convenient, fits all kinds of sizes of cabinets, and has that handy open-shelf design (so you cans still store tall things in the middle. 

I LOVE the Spicy Shelf and am so excited to have it in my kitchen!

(and so excited to somehow find my other box of spices and wines/vinegars/etc...
 those aren't all of 'em, trust me)

previous 2 photos belong to Dedee Dart
If you want to jump on the bandwagon, as many people already have, Dedee actually has a Kickstarter project going on with these shelves, and I welcome you to check it out here.


*I was gifted a Spice Shelf for this post, but all opinions are completely my own. 


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