Kitchen Tip of the Week: My Counter Top Secret

We're still renting, so I guess I can't technically call it my kitchen... but I still love my kitchen. However, I tend to run out of counter space very, very, quickly. Ingredients are usually sprawled out all over the place, a lot of the counter space is beneath a protruding cabinet, and I find myself needing just a little more room (especially if it's a day where I'm making a cake for someone, and still trying to try a new recipe for dinner that afternoon/evening). 

The granite counter tops are lovely, and I adore them. But when I'm trying to roll out some dough or fondant, and the tile crease from the counter shows right through, it can be a little frustrating. 

Both are annoying dilemmas which bring me to this week's Kitchen Tip:

Tip: Use a large finished piece of wood to cover up your sink in the kitchen to instantly create more counter top space to work on. 

I found this piece of wood by our neighbor's garbage can. They were throwing away a huge desk in pieces, it was garbage day, and I couldn't help but snag it right up. I brought it inside and disinfected/cleaned the filth out of it. Now, I use it all the time as a photo background, and especially as a helpfully flat & un-tiled counter space to work on. It has been a lifesaver, and I love having more light next to the window while frosting cakes, chopping ingredients, etc, without the white cabinets in my face. 

I just have to remember not to turn on the sink when the board is there... 

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