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As stated in my previous post (on Valentine's Day), for lover's day, I was going to be staying in and making dinner together with Ryan. Well, it turned out dinner was a little more tricky to throw together... and dessert was even more ridiculous...

You see, in the middle of dinner prep, I received a call from our landlord saying there was a geyser outside on our lawn, and that they'd have to shut off our water for the night to fix the broken pipe. 


I immediately filled up our two 2 gallon pitchers with water, and grabbed a couple half gallons from our emergency water stash in the basement. I was grateful I already had the water for boiling the potatoes, but doing dishes without a steady stream of hot water coming from the faucet is NUTS. Ever tried to wash your mountain of dirty dishes with a pitcher of cold water? It takes skills - and skills I don't have. (Plus, almost all my pans/pots were dirty from dinner/lunch that day... so heating up the water was nearly impossible).

Ryan was putting the Manchild through his bedtime schedule, so I had a little time to doll up our table, plate our dinners, and get the dessert in the oven. I thought having my sink overflowing with dishes (from the lack of warm running water to wash them) was going to be my only headache of the night, but when I opened the fridge to start the cookie dough for the pizookies, I noticed that I was COMPLETELY out of eggs.

Double yikes. 

That's when I scowered the internet for an eggless pizookie recipe. I felt like I had hit the jackpot when I found this recipe, and also grateful for the random extra can of sweetened condensed milk I found in the cup board. I mixed the ingredients together right away, and threw a couple ramekins filled with cookie dough in the oven. 

They came out beautifully, and surprisingly not too sweet. The cookie layer was gooey and hot, and topped with vanilla bean ice cream... really amazing. Despite the craziness of the evening, dinner and dessert turned out to be quite lovely for our night-in-for-two. 
individual servings of thick, eggless chocolate chip cookies, made with sweetened condensed milk, topped with a fresh scoop of vanilla bean ice cream

10 T butter
1/3 C granulated sugar
1/2 C sweetened condensed milk
1 1/2 C flour
1 C semi sweet chocolate chip cookies
vanilla bean ice cream

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease the insides of 4 small white ramekins.
2. Using an electric stand mixer fitted with paddle attachment, cream together butter and sugar. Beat in condensed milk.
3. Add flour on low speed until combined, stir in chocolate chips.
4. Press about 1 full inch of dough into ramekins. Place in oven for about 35 minutes (if cooking all four at the same time). 15 minutes if cooking one at a time.
5. Remove from oven when slightly golden - immediately top with a fresh scoop of cold ice cream. Eat hot/cold :) 

recipe source: kirbie cravings
...a little behind the scenes with the Manchild. This is what happens when he wakes up from his nap before I finish the shoot...


  1. Oh no! Looks like you. Made out well though. Too bad I just used myj last random can if sweetened condensed milk too, though.

    1. It's true - I was only able to take a couple shots before he started banging on his bedroom door to get out. So I ran and got him, only to have him run over to the table and start stealing chocolate chips! Gotta let them be little, though, eh? :)

  2. just proof that your food is good for all ages, shapes, and tastes.... yum.

  3. My favorite part is that the pictures are taken, for this particular recipe, on the floor :)

    1. Haha! Actually, it's on my dining room table (let's not call social services, eh? ;) . He's quite the climber these days, but I can see why he tried to steal a little bit of dessert before lunch.

    2. Oh... Now I can see it. It looked like the floor to me... I didn't mean to offend ;) But really, can you blame him? I would've done the same thing. Crawling on the table, and all!


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