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Chocolate Dipped Pears with Salted Almond Crunch

This morning I'm on my way to sunny St. George to perform at music conference. It's actually my first time making the drive down there. Usually I'm just along for the ride! Luckily, it's only a few hours of driving, and I'll only be on the road during the morning time.

We just had our concert on Wednesday, and we're performing the same concert tonight at the conference. I love food blogging, but I absolutely love being a part of a professional Wind Symphony. There's only a handful in the country, and I feel so blessed to be able to channel my passion for music towards something so much bigger that I could have ever imagined. It's a dream-come-true, really.

We had some dear family watch the Manchild for us during my concert, so I wanted a simple, but delicious, way to say thank-you. Whenever we have someone watch our son at our home during the evening, we usually have dinner and dessert waiting for them to enjoy while they're here. But I was so dang cranky that these pears weren't ripe enough for dessert - I ended up leaving out our air-popper out for popcorn instead (still one of my favorite snacks, though). 

Yesterday, however, the pears ripened perfectly and were ready to be dipped in simple milk chocolate, and coated in salty crumbled almonds. They were a match made in heaven - and took minutes (well, after waiting for them to ripen...) to prepare. I thought of maybe using plain almonds instead - I'm so glad I didn't. The salty flavor of the almonds make this thing ridiculous. It was such a beautiful taste and texture to behold, and simply elegant to look at.
Chocolate Dipped Pears with Salted Almond Crunch

ripe pears (room temperature)
milk chocolate chips
salted almonds

1. In a mini-food processor, chop up salted almonds into a small crumble.
2. In a metal bowl, slowly melt chocolate over a small saucepan of boiling water.
3. One at a time, slowly dip pear halfway into melted chocolate. Right after, dip into almond crumble. Let dry on wax paper until firm.

Recipe source: Bakers Royale


  1. Oh my goodness, those look so amazing!

    1. Thanks so much! They were so juicy, and the saltiness really hit the spot!

  2. Replies
    1. Oh man, Nicole - don't take my word for it :) You will seriously love these!

  3. awe snap! This is the first year I didn't go to the music conference with my husband! His school paid for him to go, and with a kid in school it meant staying home this year :(
    Those pears are absolutely gorgeous.

    1. Nice! What school does he teach for? That's really awesome, Adelina! I wonder if I saw him there? Did he come to the Vizzutti/Utah Wind Symphony concert? Wished I could have been able to find you there - maybe next time, eh?

    2. He teaches for North Sevier high and middle school. And yes he did go that concert. I think it might have been the highlight to his weekend. Another time for sure!

  4. I'll be making these this week for work lunch dessert, b/c yes work lunches need dessert too :)
    I don't have salted almonds, but I do have chopped pecans & honey granola. That'll have to do, and I'm sure it'll be a decent substitute!


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