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A Grand Opportunity

Hello my amazing readers,

Apparently this little blog of mine has been selected as a finalist in the "Top 10 Food Bloggers of 2013" contest, and they're going purely on votes as to who will come out on top. I'm absolutely honored and grateful - If you have a second, and I promise I rarely ask my readers for anything, it would be amazing if you could click on the link below, and give my blog a thumbs up for a vote! I'm competing against people who have amazing and beautiful blogs, but their following is a bit intimidating. A huge thank-you to those who have already voted for me. You are amazing.

Here's the link to the website, and THANK YOU for your vote!



  1. I have voted, and I hope everyone else will because you totally deserve to win, girl! :)

  2. VOTED!!! How can I get my Google Account to show my name? I am not very computer savvy.

  3. I have just voted, you really deserve to win. I just found your blog through a picture on Pinterest, I am in LOVE! Honestly I want to try so many of your recipes, I am a happy new follower :)

    Elle xx


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