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15 Holiday Cookie Cravings

 White Chocolate Covered Soft Ginger Cookies
(soon to appear on my guest post over at The Jacksons! Stay tuned.) Thanks Emily :)

Happy Friday! This week has been one crazy whirlwind after the next, and I feel like I'm losing my marbles all over the place. Today I forgot to add baking soda to my cookies. After taking one batch out of the oven, I knew right away what I had done. Baking soda is VERY important, people. VERY important. Luckily, I saved the rest of the dough, and added in the necessary ingredient for baking success. Meltdown averted.

To add to the madness of December, I decided early this week that I wanted to host a 'Cookie Exchange Party' for my neighborhood ladies. From the response so far, they are preparing to make all kinds of delicious goodness. I can't wait to try all their wonderful recipes (literally), and spend a delightful evening together with 'just the girls'. The stress will be well-worth it.

In lieu of the season, and the aforementioned dessert-soaked-events December inevitably brings to the table, I've compiled a list of 15 cookie recipe I tried this year. Each one different. Each one tried-and-true delicious.



Enjoy your weekend, and these fabulous cookies! 


  1. Gosh you are good at this!! Stop by our blog hop today so more people can meet you!


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