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Studio 5 Pie Segment

 A little while ago, I almost peed my pants when I received an invitation from KSL Channel 5, here in Utah, to be their featured ''Blog of the Week." I was in a daze, and has such a blast! That afternoon another email popped up from KSL, only this time it was for Studio 5!

I almost died. I'd been watching Studio 5 as often as possible ever since the Manchild was born, so you can image just how starstruck I was to be invited on the show! They wanted me to do a little research and find the latest convenient pie gadgets to show off during an almost 5-minute segment. Also, they wanted me to share one of my favorite easy pie recipes.

I thought I had more time to prepare... so when I received an email (Thursday) saying there was a date mix-up, and they needed me on the show that upcoming Monday instead of 2 weeks away, I can't say it wasn't without a little panic. I thank my lucky stars that a miracle happened over the weekend and we were able to throw something lovely together. On Sunday I think my oven was on for several hours baking pie after pie; learning how to use these new gadgets, and figuring out how to present them on air.
Can I just say how much fun it was to visit/browse the websites of such beautiful specialty cooking stores such as Sur la Table, Spoons 'n' Spice & Williams Sonoma? I was in heaven!! I've never ever been in a few of those places. Like ever. It was such a blast pining through all the beautiful cookware and 'kitchen toys' they all had to offer. I sent the producer my ideas, and she chose which ones we should show off during the segment - All within a couple days time.

During the segment, we went over mini pies, pie crust cutters/punchers (for Fall and Winter), pie gates, a pie serving slider, and prepared a portion of my Pumpkin Pecan Pie recipe. I LOVED being in their amazing studio - everyone was perfectly wonderful, and helped me out so much with what I needed. They were all completely genuine, and I felt very welcome the entire time.

My nerves were going crazy, and I was worried the whole time about not saying "exactly" over  10 times. Darin was such a gentleman and helped me along - and even though he thought my rosette was a bunny, we're still friends :)
 Oh, did I mention I was only wearing 1 contact lens? Last Wednesday I was diagnosed with a minor corneal ulcer in my left eye (never wear your contacts for months at at time, ok?), and have been wearing my glasses for 2 straight weeks (and medicated eye drops) to help it heal... so instead of covering up my face with my glasses, I wore one contact in my right eye during the segment. Weirdest feeling ever.

HUGE thanks again to Studio 5 for having me on the show! I can't wait to be on again sometime soon :) I had the time of my life, and still can't believe my silly little blog led me to such an fun experience.

If you're looking for the PUMPKIN PECAN PIE recipe, it's here. 

See the full video here:



  1. Congrats! That is so awesome. I love Studio 5!

  2. My mom and I just watched and are craving pies! The braided crust was really pretty! I want a bunny pie this year ;)


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