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Fresh Living Segment - Take 2

Today I had such a blast on KUTV Channel 2's Fresh Living show! (if you missed the segment, click here for the video). I don't think I felt as comfortable this time as I felt last time, though. It was mostly during the photography segment. (They had me talk about using a non-expensive/fancy camera for food photography in addition to sharing my Pepperoni Pull-Apart Pizza Bread). I felt right at home during the food segment, though (and am taller than Debbie - I'm not used to being taller than anyone other than little children. So I felt special.)

Let's just lay this out right now: I am not a photographer. I have zero training. I know nothing about photography. I graduated from college in Music for crying-out-loud (yes, I spell Music with a capital M). So to be asked to talk about my ''photography method'' was pretty daunting. But they assured me THAT'S why they wanted me to talk about it. I can take decent pictures with a $30 Ebay camera. My tricks? Lighting (100% natural from my giant dining room window) and a careful eye for food styling.

If you've watched the video already, you may have noticed my new favorite word: exactly. I'm pretty sure I've used my quota for life (I must have said it over 10 times in 7 minutes. Yikes.) Nonetheless, I had a lot of fun, learned a lot, gained more 'on camera' experience, tried to balance with Casey and Debbie's strong personalities, and was happy to share another easy recipe with the masses. I've been invited back in December for another segment, so I'll make sure to keep y'all updated if everything goes through. Thanks everyone for your kind words and encouragement. I'm sure we'll all forget all about it in a month's time, but for now, it's been such a thrilling experience! 


  1. That is so cool!!! You are a natural:-)

  2. I watched the segment and loved it! I need you to come and take pictures of my food for me!!!


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