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The Tale of Twelve Cakes

Today I can finally breathe again (and finally sleep again last night, too). I had nightmare after nightmare earlier this week of cakes crumbling all over the floor, frosting spewing over the back of my car, and the cakes turning out absolutely horrid in general. My little brother's wedding Open House was on the line, and I wasn't about to give less than 100%. Then again, I had never taken on such a huge baking project in my entire life. I took a deep breath, and began the three-day cake-a-thon.

On Wednesday (Part 1), I made all the cake layers except for a couple (to be made on Friday). I wrapped each layer neatly in layers of plastic wrap for protection, and then put them in the freezer. I prayed they wouldn't get ruined from all the stacking; our freezer is usually quite empty, but with about about 20 layers-worth of cake, we still had to find a way to delicately store each and every one. The house smelled amazing all day from delicious cakes, and my kitchen looked like some insane (but effective) assembly line.

On Thursday (Part 2), I made the homemade frosting. I hadn't tried a couple of the new recipes before, so I was anxious/nervous that they'd work out alright. Thankfully, each tasted just as well as the last. My KitchenAid mixer did it's job so well I was tempted to pull out the car wax and pamper the outside of it's shiny BYU-blue shell at the end of the day.

On Friday (Part 3), I drove up to my Mom's home around 8:30am (where the open-house was going to be held) with a car-full of frosting, cake layers, and cake decorating tools. I assembled, frosted, and decorated each cake, one by one, while baking up a couple fresh-fruit cakes along the way. Long story short, I tipped over one cake mid-frosting (had to make another batch of frosting and make a few switches with the other cakes to compensate), cracked a couple layers of another, and broke one of my favorite cake stands. However, I still managed to keep my head on straight and press on. After a long day, I was back on the road before 8:30pm that evening. It was finished. I had made 12 cakes, and they turned out more lovely than I could have ever hoped for! 

The open-house was beautiful, and I had a blast serving cakes with my beautiful sister (my height comes right up to her shoulders)! I was pleased that things turned out well, and I loved seeing so many familiar friendly faces from our past. 


In light of my aforementioned week-of-crazy-cake-making. This week, I've decided to share with you 6 of the frosting recipes from the open-house, and a picture of the cake I chose to frost them with. Each frosting recipe is positively divine, and I am forever indebted to their awesomeness.

Let the frosting begin!

UPDATE: here they all are in one post :) 

Salted Caramel Frosting with Chocolate Ganache


  1. aforementioned.... you were brilliant, loved, patient, and successful. Atributes that I wish I had, that you have in abundance. Thank you hardly covers it all - babysitting for 3 weeks for free doesn't even cover it.... learning from and watching these creations being made... priceless.... xoxoxoxoxo
    Make sure you include the cake poking project...

  2. Yikes! 12 cakes...I would have been stressed to the max:-) Congrats on getting them finished and keeping your head. I can't wait to see what you came up with!!!

  3. I don't think you'd have been able to locate me under the mess in my kitchen after that. Impressive feat you pulled off. I'm excited to see pics - I found you via Fabric Bows and More, link up there again so I can find you!

    Jess @
    Tupelo Creative

  4. wow! I think I would have LOST it - congrats.

  5. Wow, I can't even imagine trying to get all that done. I can't wait to see the frosting recipes. Thanks for sharing on Tout It Tuesday. Hope to see you tomorrow!


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